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A calm and peaceful place, and at the end of the street, the Seine... At the end of the street, there’s freedom and happiness! Places like this are where I feel happy, I can’t explain it but I know that my rightful place is in this house, at the water’s edge and on the corner of these pretty cobbled streets, and I know that I really want to share it with you!

​So when I was speaking to my sister on a pleasant weekend in March 2016, I found out that the most beautiful house in this village – in my eyes – was for sale, and it was clear, the ideas came... and they never left! The small seed was beautiful and very much planted! The idea of creating this project in my childhood village took on a whole new meaning!  So I quickly spoke to Simon... and we decided to leave Paris and embark upon this adventure! Thankfully, he agreed!

Straight away, we set about creating a place for tourists and the residents of Villequier and its neighbouring towns and villages, but also for travelling professionals. We want to share what it feels like in this place with the whole world!

We are also committed to breathing new life into this beautiful house, a former French hotel in 1980, (there’s a short history here). Villequier has all the sought-after charm and authenticity: the view, the nature and the architecture are all protected, something which is increasingly rare and therefore appreciated and valued by all.

I will look after the house and its small shop whilst simultaneously freelancing as a web marketing consultant. And Simon, he works in logistics, so if you need a fantastic logistics specialist, just contact him! So now you know everything!

We hope to see you soon!



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