A night at the water's edge

The House

The house has 2 floors with views over the Seine... The building is U-shaped and overlooks a large inner courtyard. Paradise! Our paradise!

On the first floor there are two bedrooms: L'Amour with its private terrace overlooking the Seine and La Parisienne, smaller but very cosy.

On the second and top floor is "the nest", a colourful studio overlooking the Seine and the forest.

The rooms are reserved for our guests who come to spend one or more nights at the house. We will provide you with itineraries based on your wishes: Forest, sea, calmness, relaxation... And of course, wonderful little ‘Made in Normandy’ breakfasts!

And if you opt for a "detox" week or weekend, you will only be allowed your room key in exchange for your mobile phone, tablet...! Obviously, there won’t be a TV in your room! The Wi-Fi code will only be given to you upon request! And what’s more, the telephone network can be temperamental.

On the ground floor, the breakfast room provides breath-taking views over the Seine. In winter, you sometimes have to wait for the fog to lift to enjoy it, but it’s still just as charming.

The village

Along the banks of the Seine between the Brotonne Bridge and the Tancarville Bridge. And of course, you know all about the red bridge in San Francisco! :)

So there’s a very charming little village, Villequier - Rives en Seine. Houses line the Seine and climb up towards the forest where there are very beautiful walks for you to discover either on foot or on horseback. All of the banks of the Seine have been prepared for strolling and jogging. The commune is nestled in the penultimate bend of the Seine. It gets its identity from the river as well from the woods and the plateau which overlook it.


​Close to everything

It’s just 1 hour and 45 minutes from Paris, 1 hour from Deauville and Etretat, 45 minutes from Honfleur, Rouen and even Le Havre, 20 minutes from Yvetot station (train to Paris). It’s also just 50 minutes from Yport (fishing village), 20 minutes from Marais Vernier (a Normandy paradise) and even 15 minutes from Jumièges (a Gourmet village)... but we haven’t told you everything; But obviously there’s some happiness here! In Villequier.


The museum at Villequier was set up in 1959, in the former second residence of Isidore Vacquerie, a shipowner from Le Havre. One of his sons, Auguste met Victor Hugo, of whom he was a great admirer, whilst studying in Paris. More links were  forged between the two families during the holidays that Madame Hugo and her children spent in Villequier. The destinies of the two families were further joined by the marriage of the writer’s eldest daughter to Charles Vacquerie and by their tragic drowning in the Seine only a few months later. The descendants of the Vacqueries have also contributed to this bond by their many donations to the museum. Today, the museum recreates the lives of the Hugo-Vacqueries through things such as objects, furniture and furnishings. Through manuscripts, first editions, photographs, drawings and letters, the career of Victor Hugo is traced as well as that of Auguste Vacquerie, who was not only the executor of the writer’s will, but also a journalist, actor, and photographer alongside Hugo’s two sons.

The Hugo family often came to the village after the drowning of Léopoldine. Victor Hugo’s wife and two daughters are buried in Villequier at Saint-Martin’s Church. The tombs were renovated in 2015.

The two sons of Victor Hugo are in the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. Victor Hugo was laid to rest in the Panthéon. The collection of poems in Les Contemplations will remain forever associated to Villequier.

The Seine is still a source of inspiration for artists. The Seine Valley, bathed in an ever-changing light, was immortalised by the Impressionists and continues to inspire and seduce local painters and photographers with its palette of colours. Olivier Desvaux, a painter who lives by the Seine in Villequier, has also found here that which he admires and inspires him so much in the Impessionists’ work. Villequier and the Seine also influenced Victor Hugo, but in a more tragic way. The drowning of his daughter, Léopoldine, and her husband inspired several of his most famous poems, which linked the name of this great figure of French literature to the little Norman village.



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